Friday, December 22, 2006

and some fab new friends! :)

you can find all their blogs on my sidebar.
these girls are serious rockstars!



DONNA D (who i have been told i look like):

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

really really really scared

about having my wisdom teeth out in 9 hours.

wish me luck :(.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

in the ER for 7 hours?!!?

not a big deal, thank God.
just a lil' pink eye.
but on top of flu symptoms, cramps, AND a toothache!
booo :(.

BUT chris was so sweet about it. we went there at like 1030 and there were seriously like 100 people in the waiting room. so he offered to stay there with me or go to school clinic in the morning, and since i wanted the drops right then we waited. and he wasn't mad at all :). he was so patient and making me laugh hehe. it wasn't so bad.

is new york :) for 3 weeks!
i am sooo excited. i can't wait to see the fam again, party, shop, sleep...
hopefully i'll get to meet up with some friends visiting from florida AND
even more hopfully meet THIS FINE GIRL!

i know i haven't posted in a while, but i have no inspiration due to my camera being broken.
i'll be getting THIS for christmas! and hopefully mom will give it to me when i arrive tomorrow so that i can start taking pics IMMEDIATELY! i am going to post so much new stuff here :) :)

bye for now

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

straight from nyc...

Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!
Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!Make Your Own Glitter Words @!

have a wonderful weekend! :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

me thinks me's an idiot.

okay SO.
first off.
to RONDA for making my sweet banner and
to KARLA for helping me post it!
for so much help with the banner.
although i don't know why the top is cut off.
i tried resizing the image to make it smaller but it didn't work.
maybe i'm just not meant to have a banner.
or i'm just dumb.
also, i have my Archiving set to monthly, but all my posts still show when you open the blog.

secondly, i posted a couple of LOs at 2Ps... they excite me :).
i also made a mini album that i love, but since my camera is broken i'm having a hard time getting pics up. but i will :)!

oh, not feeling any better.
cool... i just coughed up a lung as i was typing this and got phlegm on my pajama shirt.
how gross does this virus have to be?

oh, speaking of seriously.
if i was any more obsessed with GREY'S i would most likely stalk the studio or something.
thursday night i was napping, but i had my alarm set for 8:55 to watch it.
well the alarm happened to wake me up from a luscious dream about McDreamy and i turn on the TV and there he is, naked in a bathtub. like... why, God? you dangle temptation in front of us like there is no tomorrow, and all i want to do is just.... mmm. that would be TMI. but you know what i mean ladies, right?

yes, you do.
so i leave you with this, the pic that i wake up to on my desktop every morning and kiss before bed every night:

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i will be here...

aka NYC...

aka home...

in 3 days :).


Sunday, November 12, 2006

do you think this is a lot of albums?

because not counting gift albums (and there have been quite a few) or the ones i have made since this photo was taken in august (about 3 more full 8.5x11 albums)... this is my current stash! :) isn't this a fun pic? you should all take one like it, with all your albums! be sure to let me know if you do.

i can't believe it's been over a week since i've updated!? i've been sick in bed with a bad cough and whatever kind of virus is currently residing in my body :(. wahhh.

i didn't get any banner answers.. i think i should have reworded the question. it had nothing to do with the fact that i couldn't get that certain photo to load on my blog. i just wanted to know how to post a pic of a banner. thank you to those who tried though :-D

it's 6:02 p.m. and i'm just getting out of bed.

gotta love sundays.

and college.

Friday, November 03, 2006

calling all banner-makers!! :)

please help.
i would be eternally grateful.
look at this cute little face.
okay, so that's not actually me.
it's my beautiful goddaughter Ellen.
but it won't let me load the one of me with the cute begging face :(.
so would ya be a doll and help me anyway?
i'm really not picky!

and another question, why is every post i've ever written showing up on my page? how can i make it so that only this month's posts show?!

thank you friends!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

trick or treat!

so i've spent the past like 6 hours doin' that sidebar thang.
but hopefully it will save me some time, you know, when i'm bloggin'!
check out the links if you haven't already....
got some good stuff over there!
lots of creative inspo.

anyway, happy halloween!
we do it up here with costumes, parties, lots of tricks and treats!
and all the girls have a major excuse to dress slutty
(as if we need one at Florida State)
here's a little costume montage.. the pirate wench one was my actual Halloween night costume:

Sunday, October 29, 2006

it's like christmas morning up in hurrr....

however, i'm still waiting for my camera to be fixed and returned to me :(.
so the photos are less than perfect.
because i took them with my razr phone.
don't you love my loyalty to the blog though?

these are packages i've received in the past two days. i don't think anything makes me happier or more excited than this site. chris laughs at me because i act so shocked and surprised when i open the box... like i didn't place the order myself ;).

these were orders from 2PEAS and SCRAPBOOK.COM and AMAZON.COM.
gotta love that hambly. to pieces.

this is over $200 of "older" KI Mems stuff that i bought for $26 (and free shipping). you can find this sweet deal HERE.

this flippin' awesome Halloween package from the raddest mom evah. including a homemade card that she signed the back of with my trademark siggy. love that lady.

last but not least, i went shopping. got a bunch of cool shit too. WOOOO! :D

Thursday, October 26, 2006

buy this.

THIS is a fab book.

1. great LOs for inspo
2. great LO ideas.
3. uncut, raw, real life stuff.
4. some of my fave scrappy friends all up in that.
5. sooo many peas' fab work.

i ordered it from AMAZON and it came to less than $20 and was here in just a couple of days.

don't blame me for not warning you!!! :D :D

Sunday, October 22, 2006

i've been gettin' my scrap on

this weekend.
and it feels good!

i posted like 10 new LOs at 2peas!
check em out if you get a chance :).

i've been trying to blog for a couple of days now but it hasn't let me. how annoying is that? so i've been reading other blogs and finding like a hundred that i love and have bookmarked. wish i could link em to the side but it's way hard!

it's been a good weekend... went out thursday night (to pub of course), got a lil (lot) crazy.
scrapbooked on friday.
went to the game yesterday to see my noles lose:

and as expected, tally was pretty dead after that. so i came home, watched some movies, and scrapped. not bad if you ask me. i watched "what lies beneath", "runaway bride" (with, ah! christopher meloni!), "american beauty" (weirdest movie ever)... and some other stuff.
went to bed around six, wooo!
i'm officially insomniac.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i think i've outdone myself.

as far as my own personal judgements go, at least.
this is probably one of my favorite LOs i have ever made.
well it's at least in top 5.
of anything, (being praised, DT work-related stuff, being offered money to scrap for ppl), my *fave* feeling of joy and accomplishment is when i make something that *i* truly enjoy, something that speaks volumes to *me*.
so without further ado.

to be honest (yes, i'm still talking about this same LO) the scan doesn't show it's true colors.
that saddens me.
in fact, i've come up with the title to my next LO.
"my scanner is a piece of shit."
by amy lapi.
i've hung this in my room and it truly brightens the place up to me.
i'm seriously still talking about this LO?
please shut me up.

what else can i share tonight?
i got a B on my last spanish test.
absolutely unacceptable (i rock at spanish, i've been taking it for years, i'm a natural, chris speaks spanish, i live for reggaeton music, i really really want to do as well as possible in this class because i really really want to be fluent en espanol.)
i spent four hours tonight (and several hours over the past few nights) studying.
not used to this. we'll see how it goes.

let's talk project runway for un minuto caliente.
friggin jeffrey.
i can't believe it.
then again, i can.
i'm just happy this psycho didn't win:

yes, i am fully aware of the maturity level i currently posess.
but feel free to remind me.

4:21 A.M. now. might actually attempt some real sleep tonight.
sweet dreams lovies!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i have this dilemma.

scrap or sleep?

it's such an issue.
it really is.
current time: 4:37 A.M.
this is not strange.
in fact it's an every night occurance.
this is when my mojo hits.

so i guess there's really no dilemma at all :).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

to pretty much sum up life today...

* turkey, ham, cheese rolled up with mayo.
* miss mom and nuni and gg.
* stressed out about money, or lack thereof.
* loving the above LO.
* enjoying my day off.
* feeling nauseated every time i think about my KMA submission.
* hoping for some comments :).