Thursday, December 14, 2006

in the ER for 7 hours?!!?

not a big deal, thank God.
just a lil' pink eye.
but on top of flu symptoms, cramps, AND a toothache!
booo :(.

BUT chris was so sweet about it. we went there at like 1030 and there were seriously like 100 people in the waiting room. so he offered to stay there with me or go to school clinic in the morning, and since i wanted the drops right then we waited. and he wasn't mad at all :). he was so patient and making me laugh hehe. it wasn't so bad.

is new york :) for 3 weeks!
i am sooo excited. i can't wait to see the fam again, party, shop, sleep...
hopefully i'll get to meet up with some friends visiting from florida AND
even more hopfully meet THIS FINE GIRL!

i know i haven't posted in a while, but i have no inspiration due to my camera being broken.
i'll be getting THIS for christmas! and hopefully mom will give it to me when i arrive tomorrow so that i can start taking pics IMMEDIATELY! i am going to post so much new stuff here :) :)

bye for now


Breanne said...

EE!!! we're so gonna hang out! and take sexy pics ;)

that camera looks way pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time in NY. Sorry about the ER trip but glad to hear that everything is OK and you got some laughs. I'm putting a good word into Santa about your camera for you :Dq

Anonymous said...

I hope you get so much better so you can enjoy your time home in the NYC!!
super hope you get the new camera because I have been missing amy pictures!!