Monday, February 26, 2007

blogging naked

is fun.

it's been a seriously long few days, BP (blog peeps.)
actually, a long few weeks.
i need a serious break from reality!

god is good to me. today was my last day at school for almost 2 weeks.
i *love* and *need* that.
mental health break?
do you need one?
if so, take one!
no better time than now.

SOO... my dad visited this weekend!
well not really for the weekend, actually it was like 20 hours and he was like "i gotta get outta this college town." but it was fun, i liked having him around for a while. it's always nice to see family and friends from home. it's like a little kick back into the real world. and he met chris for the first time hehe. of course it went well... here are some pics!

off to see THIS tonight. really excited to just sit in the theatre and forget life for 2 hours, you know? love psych thrillers too.
(said in meryl voice who totally should have won Best Actress last night-- the Oscars like.. don't work..)
that's all.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007



(click above link.)
i am so VERY excited about the launch of these bags!
i have been working really hard trying to get this business up and running.
i hope you guys love the bags as much as i do :D.

because i love my blogging friends so very much, i'm offering a discount!
just type in the code "BLOG20" at the bottom of your order form for 20% off your purchase!
thanks so much for your support, friends!

:) :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

zingboom feb.

i wasn't affiliated with zingboom at the time of this kit, but i really really loved the Toy Box kit (feb.) and i promised i would share the rest of what i made last night (half of it is HERE) so here it is. here's how easy and FUN this stuff is to work with: i made 7 ZB layouts in an hour last night. they just flow. love! and thanks for lookin at my goods!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

what i'm working on!

chris gives me a few days notice that he wants me to make him something for valentine's day.. but i'm doing my best! i really love how the cover came out. will post the rest when finished! thanks for peeking :)
ETA: it's up in full at my gallery :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

i made this album in one night!

i am so proud :D
thanks for peeking!
will upload the entire album *HERE* when i get home from school..
probably around 7!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Xo BeLLa AiM oX (3:18:23 AM): i'm dead tired.
Xo BeLLa AiM oX (3:18:32 AM): my head hurts, my belly hurts, my eyes burn. and honestly? still a little tipsy from the bar.
Xo BeLLa AiM oX (3:19:51 AM): can't sleep.
Xo BeLLa AiM oX (3:19:55 AM): want to make stuff.
Xo BeLLa AiM oX (3:20:25 AM): can't control when the inspo strikes.