Tuesday, February 20, 2007



(click above link.)
i am so VERY excited about the launch of these bags!
i have been working really hard trying to get this business up and running.
i hope you guys love the bags as much as i do :D.

because i love my blogging friends so very much, i'm offering a discount!
just type in the code "BLOG20" at the bottom of your order form for 20% off your purchase!
thanks so much for your support, friends!

:) :)


Got said...
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Breanne Crawford said...

SO cute! so happy for you!!

Anilu Magloire said...

Amy, The bags are so cute. I love them. Great idea! I wish you the best of luck

Karla said...

Girl those suckers are freakin' darling!!!! I LOVE 'em! Say...I have been wondering what you have been up too. Gosh girlwishing you mad luck with your buisness!!!!

Chat soon

Kim said...

Those bags are darling!!! Good Luck!!!