Monday, August 21, 2006

just popping in to say hi.. i'm having the busiest week ever, i'm rushing the sororities at my school and it' s just like nonstop, 12 hour days :-O it's ridic!!

but i will be back in a few days.. have a wonderful week <3

Saturday, August 19, 2006


i am sooo excited! i got the greatest package from my SSS! she is so awesome and sweet! i am so lucky to have been matched up with someone so great! here is a (not so great) pic of the stuff:

WOW!! thank you so much superspy!! you're the best!

something else that currently makes me happy right now:

don't know if you can see the tag but it was on sale at AF for $9.90!! WOO HOO!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

thanks so much for your help with my last questions! i really appreicate it! i just have one last question.. how do you keep up with everyone's blogs that you love?! i want to read everyone's but is there a way to keep them in the same place so i could just click on them all?!

sooo i had a busy, but great, week! my mom spent 8 days in florida (from NY) because i have THREE WEEKS off from school! and then it's back for fall semester. WOW the summer flew by (at times, i thought it would never end... i was at school by myself for 3 months.) anyway, mom and i drove to tampa, clearwater beach, sarasota, and then back to tallahassee! it was so great spending time with her... i miss her even more now :(. here are a couple of my fave pics (after playing in PSE of course):

so yes. it was much fun! and i am a little proud of my photos :) :)

does anyone else love PROJECT RUNWAY? i'm watching it right now. tim gunn just told uli that her dress was gorgeous. OMG and he told jeffrey that his dress was stunning! is he on drugs? lol! i never hear him say stuff like that. oh okay, he's back to criticizing vincent. who i don't like anyway so that's good. ohhh no. my two faves (kayne and alison) have not created pretty pieces. yikes.

ohhh! today was the submission day for LAST SCRAPPER STANDING round 2! the dare was to use *13* photos exactly. i was immediately turned off (i usually use one!!) but i thought for a while and actually like what i came up with. here it is!

the acrylic letters at the top left say "please". i just hate my scanner. i don't know how to fix these kinds of things when i post my LOs. oh well :(.

one more thing and i'll shut up! i finished my last week's book yesterday: PREP by curtis sittenfeld. i HATED it until the very last chapter, and then i LOVED it! it got... good! very dirty and sexual. but GOOD! lol. i would recommend reading the last chapter and that's it. at least that's how i would have done it. which is weird because i usually love every book i read lol! i am now about to start VANISHING ACTS by jodi picoult. i've heard good things about her!

well i am FINISHED blogging for the evening! lol. thanks for listening and for any comments! i think next i will post an online survey about me. that sounds like fun :)

have a wonderful wednesday! and don't forget to watch WORKOUT right after PR! it rocks! :D

Saturday, August 12, 2006

okkk! now that i have made some super-cool blogging buds... i have a couple of questions! please feel free to answer them! ;)

1. i want a cool banner! so how do i do that? like, do i make a 2x11 scrapbook page and scan it? or what?
2. is there a way to find out if someone makes a comment on a blog post without keeping track of the number of comments on the bottom of the post?
3. how do i title a post?
4. how do i get a counter on my page? to see how many views it has gotten?

there are *so* many things i want to share on blogger! how do you even choose what to write about!! lol! (don't worry, that was rhetorical.)

maybe i'll share somethin' about my summer reading! i got really into James Frey this summer and read his two "embellished autobiographies":

honestly? they are *amazing*.
(click the name to buy it from amazon.)
i cried harder than i have in a loooong time. i probably needed it. not only was it totally touching and moving, but it was FUNNY! love it. i have all my friends reading it.

Last Scrapper Standing:
what an awesome idea for the DARE GIRLS to turn their challenges into a contest! it has been really creatively challenging (?) for me. the first dare (posted below) only took me a few minutes, but for the second dare, (already started), i will do something i've never done before: take some time, go back to it a few time, just try and think outside the box. i'll def share it here when i'm done!

speaking of sharing stuff, i've posted like 5 new LOs today at my 2Ps GALLERY. feel free to leave CC or praise! i really do appreciate it.

just like i appreciated my awesome mail day yesterday. CK SEPTEMBER annnnd SCRAPBOOKS ETC. in the same day! YAY! :) ohh how i love the little things.

be back later! :) :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

OOOH! people want to be my friend! :) ;)

i can't wait to check out all of your blogs and galleries! since my mom is in town, i haven't had much time to just sit and play. at least not at normal hours. check out what i figured out how to do after running to wal-mart for Adobe PSE at 3 AM last night:

i know they aren't perfect but i am super-proud :-D

mom is waiting for me to go to Border's... i'll be back! :)


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

blogging is fun! lol! i was so excited to get jen's first comment on my first post earlier. yay! does anyone know how to title the post? lol! and i'm soon going to answer the ongoing question of the banner at the top. b/c mine currently.. sucks.

so today was the first deadline for the "LAST SCRAPPER STANDING" contest! there were like, 500 people who signed up to participate. wow! some of my *fave* peas were on the list! i was so inspired *and* so intimidated! i began to wonder why i was even participating. so i talked to my mom about it, and she reminded me that it's not about winning! lol. i really want to challenge/ push myself to create things that i wouldn't normally do. and just being a part of something this fun/great makes me feel awesomely creative! :) oh, and knowing that my stuff is out there and hopefully inspiring at least one other artist is totally cool too. the challenge was to journal over the photo. this is what i came up with. it was tons of fun. of course it looks much better IRL than the crappy scan. oh well!

anyway, thanks for listening to my rambles today! i'll be back tomorrow or maybe even later on! hehe. <3 amy
yay! my first post. so what am i going to talk about?
i have no clue. maybe i'll just talk about some things i'm loving right now!
here i go.

how cool is this (for any Vera Bradley fans out there?) my school's bookstore has all this awesomeness. there are also pencils, notebooks, dividers, notepads, etc. they cost a ridiculous amount of money so i sprung for the binder ($13) and the notecards ($11). my mom told me i should have bought one of everything ;). so i told her i was using her credit card.

my amazing summer 06 sunglasses. every girl should be a juicy girl. end of story.

yesss! july is over. and this means that i can legally SHOP again! but how awesome is it that a bunch of peas and i did this MUST CROP NO SHOP challenge? we didn't shop for the 31 days of july and tried to complete as many projects as we could. the person who created the most won, and guess what? it was ME! i was so totally excited. i've never really won any contests before, and everyone congratulated me on my 76 (roughly) layouts. and one card. lol. apparently, i have won a RAK! how exciting is that?!! anyway, this was a photo of my first trip home from LSS when the contest was ended. and yes i have stopped there one or two more times since august 1st ;).

okay i am now thinking of lots more i want to share. but it will have to wait! blogging is fun :).