Wednesday, August 16, 2006

thanks so much for your help with my last questions! i really appreicate it! i just have one last question.. how do you keep up with everyone's blogs that you love?! i want to read everyone's but is there a way to keep them in the same place so i could just click on them all?!

sooo i had a busy, but great, week! my mom spent 8 days in florida (from NY) because i have THREE WEEKS off from school! and then it's back for fall semester. WOW the summer flew by (at times, i thought it would never end... i was at school by myself for 3 months.) anyway, mom and i drove to tampa, clearwater beach, sarasota, and then back to tallahassee! it was so great spending time with her... i miss her even more now :(. here are a couple of my fave pics (after playing in PSE of course):

so yes. it was much fun! and i am a little proud of my photos :) :)

does anyone else love PROJECT RUNWAY? i'm watching it right now. tim gunn just told uli that her dress was gorgeous. OMG and he told jeffrey that his dress was stunning! is he on drugs? lol! i never hear him say stuff like that. oh okay, he's back to criticizing vincent. who i don't like anyway so that's good. ohhh no. my two faves (kayne and alison) have not created pretty pieces. yikes.

ohhh! today was the submission day for LAST SCRAPPER STANDING round 2! the dare was to use *13* photos exactly. i was immediately turned off (i usually use one!!) but i thought for a while and actually like what i came up with. here it is!

the acrylic letters at the top left say "please". i just hate my scanner. i don't know how to fix these kinds of things when i post my LOs. oh well :(.

one more thing and i'll shut up! i finished my last week's book yesterday: PREP by curtis sittenfeld. i HATED it until the very last chapter, and then i LOVED it! it got... good! very dirty and sexual. but GOOD! lol. i would recommend reading the last chapter and that's it. at least that's how i would have done it. which is weird because i usually love every book i read lol! i am now about to start VANISHING ACTS by jodi picoult. i've heard good things about her!

well i am FINISHED blogging for the evening! lol. thanks for listening and for any comments! i think next i will post an online survey about me. that sounds like fun :)

have a wonderful wednesday! and don't forget to watch WORKOUT right after PR! it rocks! :D


{Becca} said...

I wish I didn't start school for 3 weeks!!
This is my last week of not having to worry that everything is in and done at the end of the week!! (online class girl here!)

GLad you had fun with your mom!!

Vee said...

love your dare
the pics as flowers is really cool
i added all the blogs that I love to my favorites in my browser.

Shawna said...

Love your entry for the dare. Great LO.
Looks like you and your mom had a great time.
To answer your question. Just add those people to your favorites in Internet Explorer or just add them as link on you blog.
Well have great weekend.

elizabeth said... is how i keep track of all the blogs i look at. it also lets you know when the blog is updated so you don't have to keep going to blogs that don't update every day.

love the lo :)

island girl said...

loook at you rawkin the PSE!! Love your photos and I love your LSS entry!!

as for keepin up with can list all your blogs as links down your side bar...just like you have your links for 2peas, etc...just follow the template!