Wednesday, August 09, 2006

yay! my first post. so what am i going to talk about?
i have no clue. maybe i'll just talk about some things i'm loving right now!
here i go.

how cool is this (for any Vera Bradley fans out there?) my school's bookstore has all this awesomeness. there are also pencils, notebooks, dividers, notepads, etc. they cost a ridiculous amount of money so i sprung for the binder ($13) and the notecards ($11). my mom told me i should have bought one of everything ;). so i told her i was using her credit card.

my amazing summer 06 sunglasses. every girl should be a juicy girl. end of story.

yesss! july is over. and this means that i can legally SHOP again! but how awesome is it that a bunch of peas and i did this MUST CROP NO SHOP challenge? we didn't shop for the 31 days of july and tried to complete as many projects as we could. the person who created the most won, and guess what? it was ME! i was so totally excited. i've never really won any contests before, and everyone congratulated me on my 76 (roughly) layouts. and one card. lol. apparently, i have won a RAK! how exciting is that?!! anyway, this was a photo of my first trip home from LSS when the contest was ended. and yes i have stopped there one or two more times since august 1st ;).

okay i am now thinking of lots more i want to share. but it will have to wait! blogging is fun :).


island girl said...

ooohhh..i love those sunglasses!!

and no shopping for 31 days! yikes...i might last 31 minutes? totally rawks that you did 76 layouts!!

get your shop on girl!

Maureen said...

I love your sunglasses. And I give you credit for not shopping for 31 days. I cant do that no way.

Vee said...

love all of your goodies!

{Becca} said...

Those sunglasses rock!!!
Nothing is better than BIGSUNGASSES!
Thats 100% for sure.
Your goodies look totally nummy too!! Can't wait to go shopping this weekend!!

yezenia said...

Welcome to the blogging world!