Sunday, September 10, 2006

scrap-a-lap goodness

get it? scrap-a-LAP? amy LAPi? :)
i'm funny.

so i've gotten back into some scrapping lately, thank God cause i was about to go insane. i've tried a few things that i've been wanting to try for a while:

black and white with a splash of color

this color scheme, in the words of vincent libretti: gets me off. also love that creativity/art quote.

i've also ordered a bunch of stuff lately, from the following goodness:


(click for linkage.)


on a less joyful note, i have *so* much to do today. how annoying is it when you do 6 loads of laundry (i don't do laundry very often) and you're like YES! i'm done with the loads. but then you still have to FOLD it and put it AWAY!! dangit. mine usually sits in piles around the room for a couple months as shown by a fellow scrapper HERE. very good page, eh?! i also have to go food shopping (never happen), put together some stuff to bring to the PO yesterday (rolodex swap stuff, presents and RAKs for people, cards.. sometimes i feel like i work in a correspondance office). i also have a ton of homework, cleaning, etc. i bet i won't do anything but scrap. it's SUNDAY people! even God rested on the seventh day.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

i've missed the blogging world! i've made some positive changes to my blog, such as stalkerisms on the side. my mind went blank while adding those stalking links, but if we've talked on blogger or i've mentioned that i love your blog, i would looove a comment reminding me to add you to my list! i'm working on adding some more cool stuff :) i still can't figure out how to add titles to my posts. there is no title box when i "create a new post". oh well!

* i didn't join a sorority. i didn't get a bid from the one i wanted... sororities are a huge investment, both emotionally, socially, financially... and if it's not what i *really* want... then i'm not doing it. it's okay, because i'm a junior and i kind of expected to be let down. it hurt, but i'm pretty much over it. only because i have already made so many fabulous friends here at FSU. i felt super-sorry for the freshman who were let down, because they feel like they have no-one here.

* tomorrow marks the end of the second week of school. wow! time flies by so fast! i feel like i don't even know what my classes are *about* yet.. lol! i'm taking:
- psych and law (yippee!)
- schooling third world countries (thought it would be a woohoo but it's a boo)
- spanish 2 (actually getting hard)
- psych DIS (i run experiments in a lab for a grad student. kind of fun but totally time consuming)

* my girl jen at ISLAND GIRL SCRAPWEAR is having a big sale, and they have some awesome tees. i ordered a couple tonight... gotta love the "size matters?" one. haha.

* PANDORA is probably the coolest site around right now. you type in the name of an artist that you love, and they play random songs by that artist and artists (whom you may or may not know of) who sound similar to the one you entered. some great stuff going on over there.

* "flintstones sour gummies" vitamins are so yum. and a great source of health! recommended for children and adults alike.

* i forgot how much love hurts. does time really heal things? :-