Sunday, September 10, 2006

scrap-a-lap goodness

get it? scrap-a-LAP? amy LAPi? :)
i'm funny.

so i've gotten back into some scrapping lately, thank God cause i was about to go insane. i've tried a few things that i've been wanting to try for a while:

black and white with a splash of color

this color scheme, in the words of vincent libretti: gets me off. also love that creativity/art quote.

i've also ordered a bunch of stuff lately, from the following goodness:


(click for linkage.)


on a less joyful note, i have *so* much to do today. how annoying is it when you do 6 loads of laundry (i don't do laundry very often) and you're like YES! i'm done with the loads. but then you still have to FOLD it and put it AWAY!! dangit. mine usually sits in piles around the room for a couple months as shown by a fellow scrapper HERE. very good page, eh?! i also have to go food shopping (never happen), put together some stuff to bring to the PO yesterday (rolodex swap stuff, presents and RAKs for people, cards.. sometimes i feel like i work in a correspondance office). i also have a ton of homework, cleaning, etc. i bet i won't do anything but scrap. it's SUNDAY people! even God rested on the seventh day.



DBird said...

Love the new pages Aims. So rad. I've been gone for the weekend and am going through withdrawals. Heh. Now I'ma go find them on 2peas and comment. Woot woot.

island girl said...

i am seriously lovin' your scrappy layouts...especially that color freakin' rad!!

and yay for Island Girl Scrapwear tees! i better see a pic of you sportin' your new tee!

Valerie said...

LOVE the pages, that rockstar one is amazing, love the splash of color!! And YAY for getting new goodies, gota love shoppping online!! Have fun scrappin'!!

{Becca} said...

Hey ams!!
Great pages- left ya love on em'!!
I got tons of new goodies this past week too! Its so much fun!!

smkh1117 said...

Love the LO's! You rock girl!