Tuesday, May 29, 2007

some more pics...

i am so obsessed with these girls.
love being home with my family...
i came on saturday morning, had my party, hung with bre, went to a family bbq on sunday at pinx's, out to bridgeview on sunday night, shopping with mom on monday, and waiting for mom to come home today :). YAY!

i love being home!

Monday, May 28, 2007

rollercoaster of emotions...

to leave chris.
my friends.
and my studio.
for over two months.

to be home.
to see my family
and have my birthday party.
to see kristen and breanne,
even if we didn't scrap.
to open my bday pressies.
even though my birthday isn't until june 8th.

to go to europe.
to be cultured and "coutured" out.
to meet new friends.

pics to come...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

so cool!

you can find said rub-ons at scrapgal.com :). they are awesome!

Monday, May 14, 2007

my to-do list

book return flight from italy
clean car, oil change
online course
clean room
contact DT and CJ
update EHD (also, learn how.)

*someday soon.
pack for trip
go to card center at school
clean house
get all travel docs/money in order for europe
purge closet and studio
plato's and goodwill
make cj pieces
make and mail DT stuff

make a budget
upload photos to kodak.
read all the books on my list
learn more digi stuff, including how to make and upload a banner
make a bunch of generic cards and gifts
organize my cd's
make clothes
get rich.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

this made me feel good.

jumped in the car today to go pick up the mail.

(i do that, because it's pretty far from my house. especially when i'm in my slippers and pj's. sans bra.)

there goes my life was on the radio, and as it ended, the D.J. goes,

"not a dry eye in the house after that one."

i love that, because i cried so hard when that song was over.

it is so touching. and he sings it so well.

although following the "not a dry eye in the house" comment, D.J. then goes,

"if you're a father."

ok whatev.

i might not be a father but i'm still a woman! and i love babies. and sad songs. and kenny.

also, quick poll. how many of you receive cosmo? how many college aged women do you think subscribe to this mag? i passed the mail bucket today in my complex and it was full of a huge stack of the june issue. huge! i was a little taken aback.

ok, off to read my new cosmo! :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i have a list.

actually, i have lots of lists.
but this one goes a little something like this:

1. this bag in green and black.
2. these. yum.
3. this for europe.
4. a gift card from here.
5. a whole long wish list here, especially these in a size 8.
6. lots of stuff from here.
7. these.
8. and this.

xo, thebirthdaygirl.

i can't wait to party!

because i love my new dress:

or maybe it's because i just found this is my stash:

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

my permanent, tentative schedule.

(thanks to felicia for the spelling of "permanent." wow, that's a toughie.)

Here are the summer plans:

Wed, May 23: last day of work!

Fri, May 25: drive to dad's in the A.M. drive with family to ft. lauderdale.

Sat, May 26: fly to mom's in the A.M. my b-day party at night!!

Sun, June 3: fly back to ft. lauderdale. hang out with G.G.

Tues, June 5: meet marissa and christian. head to the airport and fly to amsterdam!

Fri, June 8: TURN 21!!!

Mon, June 10: fly to greece! take ferries (?) around the different islands. take lots of pics. lots.

Thurs, June 21: fly to italy!!! travel, take pics, meet foreign people, speak italian, shop, wear chic clothes, go out... oh and yeah. take classes.

this is where it gets seriously tentative, mom. i will edit as i know more:

Thurs, Aug 2: fly back to ft. lauderdale. hang with the fam for a little bit... hopefully see chris :).

Sat, Aug 11: fly to tampa. meet mom there and drive around florida... see some stuff. maybe ride some rides?!

Sat, Aug 18: fly back to tally.

Sun, Aug 19: go back to work. and boring, mundane, simple life.

made me tired just writing that.
no, seriously.
g'night. xox

Friday, May 04, 2007

for all mankind.

i'm in love!

with so many things right now...
my family
my friends

but most recently... i'm in love with THESE!!:

and i justify this purchase in several different ways.
1. i haven't eaten out at all this week (and barely at all last week.)
2. i've never spent this much on jeans.
3. i've been using a lot of coupons lately on stuff (saving money, and one could say this money i've saved has added up to form an imaginary account, which has paid for the jeans, so in essence... these jeans were free!!
4. i bought a second pair of jeans with these ones because they were American Rag (my fave brand) and on sale... and they rang up for a little over $10!!!!!!!!!! woooo hooo!!
but most of all...
4. i've been working my ass off every day for the past couple of weeks!! i think i deserve a little splurge, don't you? (mom, don't answer that.)

yay for love ♥ .

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

24 hour scrap-a-thon!!

is there anything better?!
felicia and i had soo much fun.

watched a ton of movies, including but not limited to:
beauty and the beast
the holiday
legally blonde 2
talladega nights
stick it.
made some stuff :).