Thursday, May 10, 2007

this made me feel good.

jumped in the car today to go pick up the mail.

(i do that, because it's pretty far from my house. especially when i'm in my slippers and pj's. sans bra.)

there goes my life was on the radio, and as it ended, the D.J. goes,

"not a dry eye in the house after that one."

i love that, because i cried so hard when that song was over.

it is so touching. and he sings it so well.

although following the "not a dry eye in the house" comment, D.J. then goes,

"if you're a father."

ok whatev.

i might not be a father but i'm still a woman! and i love babies. and sad songs. and kenny.

also, quick poll. how many of you receive cosmo? how many college aged women do you think subscribe to this mag? i passed the mail bucket today in my complex and it was full of a huge stack of the june issue. huge! i was a little taken aback.

ok, off to read my new cosmo! :)


HollyCroteau said...

I don't get cosmo :( I prefer the trash mags!!! Love me some US weekly.

Breanne Crawford said...

i looove that song

and uh, i dont get cosmo. im so not cool. ;)

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

ah...that song...amazing

and girl you know my feelings about cosmo *throws up* hahahaha but I love you anyway :-D

Jessica F said...

I do not read Cosmo. I haven't passed the age of 16 or 17 max. I just don't find it relevant to my life. I just think its cheesy. (I do not find you cheesy though!)

Rarely saw it at my sorority house. The gossip ones were always around though :)

-I get: Domino, Lucky, Elle.
-I used to get: Glamor and W.
-I snag everything else (and I mean everything: Vogue, Self, Vanity Fair, Us Weekly, In Touch, Hello, and so on) from work
or (Business Week, Rolling Stone, Spin and Time) from my boyfriend