Monday, May 28, 2007

rollercoaster of emotions...

to leave chris.
my friends.
and my studio.
for over two months.

to be home.
to see my family
and have my birthday party.
to see kristen and breanne,
even if we didn't scrap.
to open my bday pressies.
even though my birthday isn't until june 8th.

to go to europe.
to be cultured and "coutured" out.
to meet new friends.

pics to come...


Breanne Crawford said...

<3 you. so happy to see you, too (even though we didnt scrap). next time we have a scrapathon, can we NOT make it at like 2am? k. thanks ;)

ahardy said...

us scrappers will miss ya!
hopefully you'll get to check in with us!
have a Mahvelous bday.
big {{{hugs}}}

sohpiasmom said...

Just found your blog and was looking through cool! Have a blast in Europe and show us lots of pics!

Valerie said...

So excited for you!! Cannot wait to see some pics!!

Nicole Carro said...

hey Amy,
Happy Early Birhday! Have a great time in Europe - you're going to LOVE it. And you'll have so many cool photos when you get back!