Friday, May 04, 2007

for all mankind.

i'm in love!

with so many things right now...
my family
my friends

but most recently... i'm in love with THESE!!:

and i justify this purchase in several different ways.
1. i haven't eaten out at all this week (and barely at all last week.)
2. i've never spent this much on jeans.
3. i've been using a lot of coupons lately on stuff (saving money, and one could say this money i've saved has added up to form an imaginary account, which has paid for the jeans, so in essence... these jeans were free!!
4. i bought a second pair of jeans with these ones because they were American Rag (my fave brand) and on sale... and they rang up for a little over $10!!!!!!!!!! woooo hooo!!
but most of all...
4. i've been working my ass off every day for the past couple of weeks!! i think i deserve a little splurge, don't you? (mom, don't answer that.)

yay for love ♥ .


Got said...
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Breanne Crawford said...

i think you do!! enjoy them! ive never owned a pair of expensive jeans!

HollyCroteau said...

Heck yes you deserve them. Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Carro said...

Aim, you enjoy those adorable jeans..(My confession: I own 5 pairs of Seven jeans, I know i have problems) My philosophy: if you are going to make a fashion splurge - buy really hot jeans, mama because you'll get the most wear out of them than any other fashion item!

Jessica F said...

I can totally remember being in college when Sevens (those were kinda the first huh?) and the concept of the $100 jeans first became really popular. I thought they were ridiculous. And that you didn't need to spend that much. I hated 'em.

Well I was anti. Was.

And slowly, I cracked. I now have Rock & Republics, Citizens of Humanity (my favorite!!!), Paige Premium Denim, and Joes. What can I say?!

Really though, you wear jeans SO much that the 'cost per wear' becomes pennies. It IS worth it. And like you, I mix my high with my low. One day is $200 Citizen jeans. The next its $18 Forever 21 jeans.

Good for treating yourself! xo

Nicole said...

Uh did they make your butt look good?? If so then you totally deserved them!!

And yay!! thanks for offering to be my scraping friend :) haha!

Heidi Joe said...

Girl, you deserve it! Plus, isn't school almost over? Finals? Add that to thie list of reasons! (not that you don't deserve a little splurge anyway, by any means...) Supah cute, friend!

island girl said...

OMG! U did not get Seven jeans?! Lucky girl!!

DBird said...

oh my word. they are my favorite and i always go back to them. no matter how many times they go in the dryer, they still fit perfectly. so very very so totally worth every penny! hahahaha. my gaps and 7s are the best! you totally deserve them just because you're stinking cute! heh.

Tamara Nicole said...

Hey! Saw your blog off effers page. Anyway, hi! I love seven jeans! And as you do, I justify the purchases as well . . . prob too often though :-). Enjoy!

Natalie said...

There is nothing wrong with splurging on jeans! I do it all the time. You deserve it!

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

LOL girl you crack me up...and you totally deserved it!!! love you!!!