Tuesday, May 08, 2007

my permanent, tentative schedule.

(thanks to felicia for the spelling of "permanent." wow, that's a toughie.)

Here are the summer plans:

Wed, May 23: last day of work!

Fri, May 25: drive to dad's in the A.M. drive with family to ft. lauderdale.

Sat, May 26: fly to mom's in the A.M. my b-day party at night!!

Sun, June 3: fly back to ft. lauderdale. hang out with G.G.

Tues, June 5: meet marissa and christian. head to the airport and fly to amsterdam!

Fri, June 8: TURN 21!!!

Mon, June 10: fly to greece! take ferries (?) around the different islands. take lots of pics. lots.

Thurs, June 21: fly to italy!!! travel, take pics, meet foreign people, speak italian, shop, wear chic clothes, go out... oh and yeah. take classes.

this is where it gets seriously tentative, mom. i will edit as i know more:

Thurs, Aug 2: fly back to ft. lauderdale. hang with the fam for a little bit... hopefully see chris :).

Sat, Aug 11: fly to tampa. meet mom there and drive around florida... see some stuff. maybe ride some rides?!

Sat, Aug 18: fly back to tally.

Sun, Aug 19: go back to work. and boring, mundane, simple life.

made me tired just writing that.
no, seriously.
g'night. xox


~*~Felicia~*~ said...

wow...I got tired reading that LOL

i'm gonna miss youuuuuu!!!!!!!!! :-(

Nicole Carro said...

I'm so envious of the travel plans. Have a wonderul time in Europe! You're going to love it! And Happy Early Birthday, too!

Breanne Crawford said...

wow! you are BUSY and you totally forgot "scrapathon with breanne"

Natalie said...

I'm so jealous. I love Amsterdam & Italy. Never been to Greece so you'll have to tell me stories later.

giuseppina said...

wow! i'm so jealous! are you flying back to italy AND working there?