Thursday, September 13, 2007


oh MY! this is my one HUNDREDTH post!!

i can't believe it.
i think blogs are *so* cool.
it's like these little pieces of your life that you otherwise wouldn't remember.
and now that there's blurb, you can make a book out of it!
a different form of scrapbooking... cool man!

recent and usual obsessions:
- publix spinach dip
- keeping busy, to-do lists
- tea
- glitter
- talking to family

sooo, this is going to be my last post.. this address! hehe. come on, i just raved about blogs and how cool they are!
not a big fan of this server anymore, though.
been having lots of problems lately, and it's difficult to find help.

and happy 100 to me!

ETA: you'll notice that my new blog is still slightly in progress. does anyone know how to remove the title on top of my banner? thank you!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


my friend shelley is here to visit for the weekend... we've had so much fun!

chain of events:
thurs: potbelly's
fri: laid out, went to lunch, then happy hour at pot's. thennn at night we went to my cousins' house for a party and out to baja's.
sat: shelley (the hairmaster) hooked me up with some color. pics later! i had to work tonight :( but i was ridiculously exhausted anyway.

isn't my shellbell the cutest?! i'm going to miss her so much :(

Thursday, September 06, 2007

brighten-your-day tip #133

think of something to try and alleviate the pressure of some of your more mundane, difficult, or dreaded tasks. today i went out early and picked up bagels and coffee to enjoy while doing some homework.

some other suggestions:
- do the dishes with your ipod
- do your chores during the commercials of your fave TV show. by the time the show is over, you'll have a clean room and be able to scrap! :)
- dance your way around the carpet with a vacuum
what do you do to make your chores less boring?
p.s: i thought this was a tad hilarious. (see bottom 3 lines, highlighted portion.) pahahahah.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

my happy place.

this is like, my favorite place in the world.
and i sleep right next to it every night.

Monday, September 03, 2007

cool man!

i found $24 in the laundry today!!!

scrap time?! what?!

last night and tonight. YIPEE!!
while watching seasons 1-3 of the O.C.
i freaking love that show.
at the moment, kirsten is battling alcoholism and ryan thinks marissa is sleeping with his brother.

anyway... will scan/post some stuff tomorrow :).

tomorrow, i have off.
meaning, no school AND no work.

however, i have some stuff to do (of course.)
- lab report and module one for OLC
- study for GREs (that's on the list every day)
- barbeque? blah.
- gym

SO! for every hour that i spend doing the above, i get 2 hours in my studio :).
that's a good plan.

does anybody else make to-do lists every day?
i also write things on the list just to cross them off.


Saturday, September 01, 2007


these are the things that have been stressing me out, more lately, than i have ever been stressed out in my life. (does that make sense?)

1. graduation
2. studying/registering for/taking GREs, this test that basically determines my entire academic and professional career
3. ridiculously hard classes this semester/insane amount of homework
4. recovering from a breakup
5. grad school applications... choosing where to go.. choosing a program
6. having all of my roommates move out at once, leaving me with new ppl i don't know
7. best friend moved away
8. work
9. money (lack of)

soooo life isn't that peachy right this minuto.
but get this.
i was driving in my car yesterday down tennessee and i came to this great no wonderful realization. in three months, i will be graduated (1,3). i will be moved out of tallahassee (4,6,8). i will (hopefully) have already been accepted to the graduate program which is (hopefully) right for me (2,5).

how cool is that?!