Thursday, September 13, 2007


oh MY! this is my one HUNDREDTH post!!

i can't believe it.
i think blogs are *so* cool.
it's like these little pieces of your life that you otherwise wouldn't remember.
and now that there's blurb, you can make a book out of it!
a different form of scrapbooking... cool man!

recent and usual obsessions:
- publix spinach dip
- keeping busy, to-do lists
- tea
- glitter
- talking to family

sooo, this is going to be my last post.. this address! hehe. come on, i just raved about blogs and how cool they are!
not a big fan of this server anymore, though.
been having lots of problems lately, and it's difficult to find help.

and happy 100 to me!

ETA: you'll notice that my new blog is still slightly in progress. does anyone know how to remove the title on top of my banner? thank you!


Michelle said...

Happy Bloggerversary babe!!! Love the look of your new blog so far!

ahardy said...

YAY for the big 1-0-0!

can't wait til you are up & running over @ Typepad.
you're gonna love it!

BR@NDY said...

congrats! Keep on truckin!

Nicole Carro said...

Happy 100! Have fun getting your new blog together!

Anonymous said...

Hey dipshit! Aerosmith is not alternative and second, you're far from being a rockstar.