Saturday, September 01, 2007


these are the things that have been stressing me out, more lately, than i have ever been stressed out in my life. (does that make sense?)

1. graduation
2. studying/registering for/taking GREs, this test that basically determines my entire academic and professional career
3. ridiculously hard classes this semester/insane amount of homework
4. recovering from a breakup
5. grad school applications... choosing where to go.. choosing a program
6. having all of my roommates move out at once, leaving me with new ppl i don't know
7. best friend moved away
8. work
9. money (lack of)

soooo life isn't that peachy right this minuto.
but get this.
i was driving in my car yesterday down tennessee and i came to this great no wonderful realization. in three months, i will be graduated (1,3). i will be moved out of tallahassee (4,6,8). i will (hopefully) have already been accepted to the graduate program which is (hopefully) right for me (2,5).

how cool is that?!


Jenna said...

I feel ya...I'm going through the same sort of things! Graduation and job/program searching alone is enough seriously stress a girl out. Much less all the other mess in life, haha!

Breanne Crawford said...

it'll all work itself out. promise.


giuseppina said...

congrats and feel better