Thursday, September 06, 2007

brighten-your-day tip #133

think of something to try and alleviate the pressure of some of your more mundane, difficult, or dreaded tasks. today i went out early and picked up bagels and coffee to enjoy while doing some homework.

some other suggestions:
- do the dishes with your ipod
- do your chores during the commercials of your fave TV show. by the time the show is over, you'll have a clean room and be able to scrap! :)
- dance your way around the carpet with a vacuum
what do you do to make your chores less boring?
p.s: i thought this was a tad hilarious. (see bottom 3 lines, highlighted portion.) pahahahah.


BR@NDY said...

Great tips...I have to admit I already do the chores one during commercials, works like a charm! That last three lines are freaking hilarious! Too funny.

Nicole Carro said...

Love the tips. I seriously dread housework. Those last couple of lines on that letter are priceless!