Sunday, September 09, 2007


my friend shelley is here to visit for the weekend... we've had so much fun!

chain of events:
thurs: potbelly's
fri: laid out, went to lunch, then happy hour at pot's. thennn at night we went to my cousins' house for a party and out to baja's.
sat: shelley (the hairmaster) hooked me up with some color. pics later! i had to work tonight :( but i was ridiculously exhausted anyway.

isn't my shellbell the cutest?! i'm going to miss her so much :(


BR@NDY said...

You girls are gorgeous! What a fun weekend! toodles!

Valerie said...

Cute pics!! Looks like you two had fun!!

Nicole Carro said...

You girls took awesome pictures -sounds like a great time!

NancyJones said...

LOVEEE these photos on your blog. VERY CUTE blog by the way :)