Sunday, October 22, 2006

i've been gettin' my scrap on

this weekend.
and it feels good!

i posted like 10 new LOs at 2peas!
check em out if you get a chance :).

i've been trying to blog for a couple of days now but it hasn't let me. how annoying is that? so i've been reading other blogs and finding like a hundred that i love and have bookmarked. wish i could link em to the side but it's way hard!

it's been a good weekend... went out thursday night (to pub of course), got a lil (lot) crazy.
scrapbooked on friday.
went to the game yesterday to see my noles lose:

and as expected, tally was pretty dead after that. so i came home, watched some movies, and scrapped. not bad if you ask me. i watched "what lies beneath", "runaway bride" (with, ah! christopher meloni!), "american beauty" (weirdest movie ever)... and some other stuff.
went to bed around six, wooo!
i'm officially insomniac.


nadine said...

good work on all the scrapping amy!

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

yay for scrapping for you :-p and in your honor i posted a new blog HAHA :-)

island girl said...

wah...sux the noles lost! i so wish i could go to a game's been way too long!

good to hear you got your scrap on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see one of us got some scrappy time. You go girl!! I guess it will be a couple of days before I put lil Ms. McKenzie in her Noles cheerleading outfit, her dad will NEVER let us live it down. I'll give it a couple days and then try again, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I must say again that the layouts you pushed out this weekend on 2peas are amazing!!
I need to have a weekend like that!!! Hopefully soon!!!