Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Team Michael!

for PROJECT RUNWAY, that is.
be sure to tune in tonight.
i swear if pscyho laura wins, i'll go ballistic.
like, i'll run around my complex in my underwear screaming obscenities.

i am sooo tired.
i slept out last night... and clocked like 4 hours. not even.
that is soooo not enough sleep for the girl who eats her breaky at 5 pm.
and now i have to go BACK to school!! for more.

off to spanish class to stare at the hot guy in front of me.
i mean to learn spanish.



{Becca} said...

ahh- that pic is sexy-
i wish i had a cute guy to stare at in clas...i have a b/f i can't say that!! but I can because i know he looks at "hotties" haha

Michelle said...

Cool pic!!! You've got gorgeous hair. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn on the pic girlah :)

I missed Project Run. Danggit. Don't tell me though. Ima see if the DVR caught it.