Tuesday, October 17, 2006

to pretty much sum up life today...

* turkey, ham, cheese rolled up with mayo.
* miss mom and nuni and gg.
* stressed out about money, or lack thereof.
* loving the above LO.
* enjoying my day off.
* feeling nauseated every time i think about my KMA submission.
* hoping for some comments :).


Valerie said...

The page is awesome!! You'll do awesome with the KMA entry, your pages are always so fun and fabulous!!

Coleen Thompson said...

OMG, I laughed when I read this post!
Some things we have in common today:
* miss mom too!
* stressed out about money, or lack thereof also.
* I also love the LO. You style is so hip and funky! Total opposite of me. I think my LO's may be a bit dull next to yours! Don't believe me check it out for yourself: http://www.snipitsofme.blogspot.com
* enjoying my day off due to sickness.
* feeling nauseated nothing to do with your submission though, just fluish right now as mentioned before.
* glad to give you a comment!


Anonymous said...

ahh ames!!!
you want a comment?
i best get one too!!
or else.... grrr!!

Im lovin your layout-
I miss my mom- we have way too much fun together- so for not its just over the phone fun-
we should start a Amy and Becca lackof money fund (obvisouly where other people put the money in since we don't have any!!)

Anonymous said...

Amy! I didn't know you were submitting to KMA... I am sure you will blow them away! You're so talented and have such an artistic eye. Plus all your LOs are fun fun fun, and who doesn't love that?

Haven't talked to you in a while...hope all is well! Go check out my new little blog when you get a sec! Have a good night!

chris jenkins said...

hey - stopping by and leaving a comment!

fabulous LO and best of luck to you on your KMA submission!

i like the bullet blogging concept - i need to do this more often.

take care

Michelle said...

Gorgeous layout!