Sunday, October 29, 2006

it's like christmas morning up in hurrr....

however, i'm still waiting for my camera to be fixed and returned to me :(.
so the photos are less than perfect.
because i took them with my razr phone.
don't you love my loyalty to the blog though?

these are packages i've received in the past two days. i don't think anything makes me happier or more excited than this site. chris laughs at me because i act so shocked and surprised when i open the box... like i didn't place the order myself ;).

these were orders from 2PEAS and SCRAPBOOK.COM and AMAZON.COM.
gotta love that hambly. to pieces.

this is over $200 of "older" KI Mems stuff that i bought for $26 (and free shipping). you can find this sweet deal HERE.

this flippin' awesome Halloween package from the raddest mom evah. including a homemade card that she signed the back of with my trademark siggy. love that lady.

last but not least, i went shopping. got a bunch of cool shit too. WOOOO! :D


Michelle said...

Great schtuff girlie....I wanna go shopping for KI too! Love my KI!!!

island girl said... about SCORE!! Holy smokes that is just scrappy heaven right there!

Amber said...

U so got the hook up girl! Sick scrap stuff! Lovin it!

Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! I love new stuff... That KI thing is rad, man! I got a slab of the paper at Hobby Lobby for ten bucks. Every freaking LO will be KI man. HA!

Anyway, cool stuff chick! (P.S.Your mom rocks for sending you goodies!)

Anonymous said...

i love to order stuff myself, get the package, open it and act like i never saw it before too. it's very fun. the scrappy goodies and clothes look yummy too. love that pearl necklace!!!

Anonymous said...

fun things my lady!!
tons of scrappy things!!!
and I love the celebrate sign you got too.
i got some scrap goodies this weekend too....and a shirt...for a wedding next weekend...
fun things!!

Valerie said...

Look at all the yummy goodies you got!! So exciting!! I'm also waiting on some stuff ariving in the mail soon!! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Wish I was at your pad! Looks like scrap heaven! Hope you have lots of fun with all your new goodies. Can't wait to see waht you create with the halloweeen stuff from your mom!

Vee said...

love all of your loot!

Shawna said...

Great stuff. Thanks for the heads up.