Friday, November 03, 2006

calling all banner-makers!! :)

please help.
i would be eternally grateful.
look at this cute little face.
okay, so that's not actually me.
it's my beautiful goddaughter Ellen.
but it won't let me load the one of me with the cute begging face :(.
so would ya be a doll and help me anyway?
i'm really not picky!

and another question, why is every post i've ever written showing up on my page? how can i make it so that only this month's posts show?!

thank you friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Dbird is the bomb at making banners... she made mine and Ambers!

As far as archiving your posts, I think if you go to the dashboard thingy when you sign in, hit settings, then hit archiving... then you can choose how it will archive. I have mine on monthly, but I've only had my blog a month.

See if that works?

Anyway, hope you're doing good! Have a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to do the banner things really. I guess and have to resize but I want something fun too. She is a gorgeous lil girl. As far as all the post showing up, that is something that I think is changed in your setting area.

azchef101 said...

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