Sunday, November 19, 2006

me thinks me's an idiot.

okay SO.
first off.
to RONDA for making my sweet banner and
to KARLA for helping me post it!
for so much help with the banner.
although i don't know why the top is cut off.
i tried resizing the image to make it smaller but it didn't work.
maybe i'm just not meant to have a banner.
or i'm just dumb.
also, i have my Archiving set to monthly, but all my posts still show when you open the blog.

secondly, i posted a couple of LOs at 2Ps... they excite me :).
i also made a mini album that i love, but since my camera is broken i'm having a hard time getting pics up. but i will :)!

oh, not feeling any better.
cool... i just coughed up a lung as i was typing this and got phlegm on my pajama shirt.
how gross does this virus have to be?

oh, speaking of seriously.
if i was any more obsessed with GREY'S i would most likely stalk the studio or something.
thursday night i was napping, but i had my alarm set for 8:55 to watch it.
well the alarm happened to wake me up from a luscious dream about McDreamy and i turn on the TV and there he is, naked in a bathtub. like... why, God? you dangle temptation in front of us like there is no tomorrow, and all i want to do is just.... mmm. that would be TMI. but you know what i mean ladies, right?

yes, you do.
so i leave you with this, the pic that i wake up to on my desktop every morning and kiss before bed every night:


Anonymous said...

you make me laugh, a lot!!
and the virus of nasty things being coughed up- got that here too! it sucks bad!! makes me sick just thinking of it!!
the banner is amazing! love it!!

Valerie said...

Totally sucks that your still sick, my hubby is still sick and it's been a week, not too bad just a cough left over as well!! Saw your pages on two peas, looks awesome. Love the banner..need to learn, want to teach me?! McDreamy so yummy!!

Anonymous said...

being! i think i might be coming down with something so that's not good too. :P hope you feel better and the banner rocks!
pages at 2peas is great! :)

Anonymous said...

Dude....all I can say is WOW!!! Man...just WOW!

Anonymous said...

He's Hott!! Hope you get all the shit gone soon and feel better. I'll have to go and check out your LO's at 2 ps.

island girl said...

girl...lovin' the new banner! and don't worry, it took me 2 days and alot of tears to figure out the dam banner thing!!

so are we still meeting up on dec 10th for the Donna/Ali classes! Let me know if you're still going!

Anonymous said...

Loved being able to help you! You are too cute!

Rachael said... the part about McDreamy...HAHAHA!