Wednesday, January 31, 2007

we all have a right/animal instinct to defend ourselves...

i've made it! i've made it!
people hate me :).
i can't believe how i've been getting hate mails and comments.
i love the fact that people can voice their opinions and be honest,
but i hate the way they do it.
the anonymity is what gets me the most.

if you have something to say, then say it!
by all means.
but if you are saying something on a public forum
and you can't stand behind your words,
what kind of person hides behind a computer screen?
one who feels their opinion is invalid.
so i'll be happy to answer your mails and comments, so long as you sign them.
they will otherwise be ignored.

thank you.


Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, Amy... Just laugh about it. Who cares what anyone thinks?? We like you a lot.

~*~Felicia~*~ said...'re the best EVVERRR!!! I don't care what anyone else says you're one of my bestest friends and your work ALWAYS inspires me!!!! Funny how the courageous "anonymous" poster says you'll never be pubbed but you're on a DT!!!!!

Amy...I love you :-) I always will and you're just AMAZING!!!!!


~*~Felicia~*~ said...

yeah and one more thing

in regards to "deperately wanting to be friends" with people

PLEASE!!!!! I party with this girl all the time and she's the damn LIFE of the party!!! People flock to her and want to be HER friend!!! I consider myself SO blessed and lucky to have her as a friend! She's always there for me--there with a comforting word and sometimes even constructive critisicm!!

so those who think she's "desperate" for friends how about you go out with her on the town and see how UNdesperate she is! Most people are desperate to be HER friends!!!

so just shut-up acting like you know her

~*~Felicia~*~ said...

Yes...I'm a communication major...but at least when i DO talk I don't hide by an anonymous identity. There's no reason why I should hide behind a mask...I'm true to who I am and I am not afraid of it.

Funny how you keep calling me fat but I don't recall having a pic showing my full body. Makes you think...

xobellaaimox said...

not sure where they are coming from, but i'm loving all the Kristina Contes comparisons... she's my fave scrapper!

Rachael, and proud of it! said...

Yeah, that is totally stupid. I think your really talented, I especially like the mini book you made! ( I say those people are jealous, and if they aren't they should be confident enough to say their names!)

J said...

I agree. Your work is cute! Anonymous must be pretty miserable, not to mention without a life if she puts in that much effort and gets that much enjoyment from trying to bring someone else down! We should pray for her! Just keep doing your think and being yourself! That's all that really matters! =)

Vee said...

amy don't pay any attention to these people!
you are fab
believe that :)

island girl said...

you go girl!!

Karla said...

Shake the haters off girl. Let it slide for real. Life is too short. Let them be in the wrong and you move on kay?

Stay up chick