Thursday, January 04, 2007

scenes from the temp. studio

about to clean up and pack to laeve mom's.
3 weeks has flown by in about ohhh... .0385 seconds.
i can't believe time. it really effs with you sometimes.
anyway, been sprawled out across the living room floor, much to mom's dismay.
also added a pic of a memorabilia folder i created for 2007. will try and get a better scan when i get home, though.


nat said...

Love this folder!

Anonymous said...

amy! I love the folder! good idea!!! may have to make one myself!!
yupp time flies when you are having fun and its sad:(

Anonymous said...

friggin' a.
you are the bomb-diggity.
it is a talent all in it's own to
create gorgeous stuff without
having "everything" with you.
your folder is delish! :0

alex h

Anonymous said...

Love those fun piles of stuff... makes me wanna jump in there and glue a button on something....

P.S. I read Deanna's today and way yes oh totally right on all the way for sure let's do another CJ with you in it. BAM!

Vee said...

your folder is awesome
loves it to death!!