Tuesday, January 09, 2007


play. believe. learn. love. faith. strive. create. pretend. inspire. relax. dream. celebrate. imagine. risk. embrace.

just breathe.

because it could always be worse.
because it's unhealthy not to.
because everything is going to be okay.

what's your word?
check it out.


*~*Amber*~* said...

Guess what... I TOTALLY PACKED YOUR JENNI BOWLIN KIT LAST NIGHT! I was packing away and I saw ur name! I so wanted to stick a lil note in there for you! So funny! U will totally be drooling over this kit. Got mine last night. Can't wait to play. Unforunately, we have been so busy packing for her, that I haven't been able to play yet. We are her main packers for all of her orders so we have been pretty busy! Ships out tomorrow! Get EXCITED! xoxo

ahardy said...

great word amy.
have you made your page yet?
can't wait to see it!

{Becca} said...

i love this.

Breanne said...

yeap yeap.

just breathe.

couldn't be better than that.

<3 your word, my friend!

island girl said...

hahahah...love this post!!

mine is ABANDON!