Monday, January 01, 2007

scrapbooking kits: %)&@#&(^$)(#%&(*@#!)

seriously? wtf.

i have become obsessed with a few select kits lately, especially because one of my resolutions is to stop spending all my money on scrapbook stuff. my credit card bill is so run up, i don't have a job, and no money in the bank. cool. also, kits are *sooo* fun. they are full of such greatness, and so inspirational to see all of the products together in one box. i love them. OH also... they post the galleries of their design team members actually using the kits, and it always gives me so so much inspo.

the "wtf" part is because they are SOO dang hard to get. it's like meeting the president. except i would rather have the kits.

so here's the story on my faves:

JENNI BOWLIN: this is the only kit i have subscribed to in the past, and i LOVE it. finally got another subscription today. also bought some of her exclusive products. you don't pay for a certain amount of months in advance... you just receive a kit for like $28 every month until you cancel. love that.
SCRAPOLOGIE: in the midst of e-mailing stacey back and forth trying to get my subscription to go through. january kit looks rad and i think i'm getting it :). buying a 3-month sub.
POPPY INK: wowww. this site just pisses me off. it's like the cutest thing ever with the best designers and gallery and i just can't get on the list. told mom i didn't have the clout (?)... teared up a bit too.
ZINGBOOM: wowza! january was their first kit and i think they are so awesome. was especially excited to see my FAVE scrapper over there on the DT. pay pal was acting up today when i tried to order february's kit... it better still be there tomorrow or you'll be seeing a lot more of this: *&^@^%#!(*@*)#!!! also.... i tried out for their design team and got an honorable mention! so i might be doing something special later on in the year :D :D.

some other fab kits i would recommend if you have an endless budget:
if anything, go on and check out their galleries. so cool.


Anonymous said...

Wow girl thanks for all scoop on the goodness! I am going to check them all out now! HOpe you had a great New Years!!! -Karla

Anonymous said...

ACK!! Awesome kit love...all these kits make me swoon!

Anonymous said...

I discovered the secret to getting Poppy Ink... from Penny.

She said Heather(Poppy Ink Prez) posts the new kits at midnight Mountain time... so you would have to stay up super late on the last day of the month, and keep refreshing until the new kit pops up. BAM... that's how I got three months of that puppy.

So if you're eastern, go on there at 2:00 am (yeah?) and refresh, refresh refresh. You'll get one. Add on kits for that mutha effer are a whole 'nother thing, though. Yikes!

Zingboom is the JAM, too though!

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered the scrapbook kits too, and they are fabulous!! SO many to choose from!!