Saturday, August 18, 2007

one year!!

my mom comes down to florida to visit at the end of every summer... it's a wonderful time! :)

after our return last year, i started typing out my thoughts. i added photos, art, and stories. one year later, this is my blog :) :).

you may have noticed some changes! i made the colors lighter and brighter (it seems happier and more upbeat somehow) and edited/added some of the sidebar links. check em out! hmm what else... i plan on getting back into posting regularly (every day?) again. after being away for the summer and the turmoil of events that have unfolded since i've been back, i haven't had much time. i changed my pic, and made some other small changes too! i liiike.

so! trip with mom was fab, as always. here are some visuals:

and yes, this IS toby keith.


Valerie said...

So glad your back!! Hopefully a little better too!! Congrats on one year!! YAY!! Love the pics!! Can't believe you saw Toby Keith!! Lucky you!! I love him!!

Heidi Joe said...

Awww! You and your mommy have the same pretty smile...

Glad to see you back, sweety!

Nicole Carro said...

Beautiful photos, I hope you enjoy the time with your Mom. Glad you're back!

Breanne Crawford said...

wooho! so glad you had a great time with your mom!

miss you so much girlie!