Monday, August 27, 2007

"most people she doesn't tell...

about the tightrope
because she doesn't want to listen to
their helpful comments on the ground."
- brian andreas

sooo. today was my first day of school! ever. i mean, my last, first day ever. well, except for grad school i guess. i can't believe that i'm graduating in december!
i went to my advisor today, just to be sure all my credits are in order. and o m g they are!!
it went a little something like this:

me: hi, um, i just wanted to like, see if all my credits and stuff were in order so i could, well you know, graduate college.
tricia: yeah dude. you're good to go. congrats man!
me: aw, man. i was hoping you would tell me that i had like, another year to go.
tricia: nah dude, sorry.

i don't actually talk like that (i think.)
she does. tricia rocks :).

my day was very very long, as all mondays will be. to make a long story short, my first class is in Psych building ONE (which is like, the top left corner of a layout, right?) and my second class is in Psych building TWO (bottom right corner) and my third class is back in PB ONE (top left again.) who knows.
i legit could not keep my eyes open when i got home and took a way-too-long nap.

and some linkage...
you may have seen these before, but since i hadn't until today, maybe you haven't either, right??

have a great week!


Anonymous said...

esta bkn tu blog
pero no entieno mucho ingles
pero bueno

solo pasaba a saludar


Valerie said...

Glad your first day back was good!! And that's so awesome that your graduating in December!! Congrats!!

Natalie said...

Awesome linkage! And yay for first days of school.

Breanne Crawford said...

yay for you and your last first day! i am so excited for you! get ready for the whirlwind to begin!