Sunday, April 15, 2007

looove that day off!!

wonderful news!! i am enjoying my only day off for about... 12 days. yipee! i had lunch with andi at crispers (YUM!), went to the mall to make a couple of returns, oh, and got a mani/pedi!! yessss. of course, i am dying to book some scrapping time. but first, i had to make these invites! my birthday is june 8th :). i'll be in europe, but i'm celebrating with my family beforehand with a special dinner. i am so excited :) more later... xo


melissa said...

super cute invites!-love the picture

and I am so jealous of your time off..I am dying for a mani/pedi! enjoy it ;)

Breanne Crawford said...

omg! how cute are those!

and i better be getting one of them!!!!