Monday, April 16, 2007

is this possible?

and what i mean by that is, will i actually do this?
i think not.
but maybe re-reading this post at a later time will inspire me.

the idea: a new morning ritual. (and by morning, i mean, when i wake up. which lately, due to work, has been around 11 or 12. but usually, this means sometime between 2 and 4.) a new morning ritual in addition to a) calling mom for a "hi" as i'm rolling out of bed, b) peeing and then peaing *5 min tops*, c) brushing teeth, d) leaving house. the whole system usually takes about 10 minutes or so.
the ritual: doing something really quick and creative. just to get the ball (and by ball i mean day) rolling. maybe keeping a notebook. writing a quote, painting a circle, or snipping the edge of a piece of paper randomly and violently like when i got bored in elementary school and all the good stuff was in a plastic box in my desk. woohoo!
the inspiration: here.
the problem: i'm half-dead in the A.M. like, literally, classified as at least comotose.

a girl can try.

1 comment:

Breanne Crawford said...

dude. i so love this idea. and ive thought about it several times... but we're too much alike and i know that mornings are not my friend.

i miss you!