Saturday, June 09, 2007

happy birthday to me!!

...from amsterdam!

hehe. actually, it was last night! we had fun partying.

much more homesick than i ever thought possible.. not enough time to talk about it though! more later.

xox :)


Breanne Crawford said...

happy happy happy happy birthday my friend!!! i owe you a drink when you come back!

Valerie said...

Happy birthday!! Hope your having tons of fun!! Amsterdam is awesome, love it there!!

Natalie said...

HAPPY Belated Birthday!! I'm so jealous that you're in Amsterdam. Have fun!!

Nicole Carro said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Hope you're loving Amsterdam. My sister went last summer and brought me back a T-shirt "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go to Amsterdam." LOL
Have fun!

Silvitanova said...

Happy Birthday. I hope that youre enjoying Amsterdam a lot!
All the best!
(I live 35 km from Amsterdam)

melissa said...

wow that must have been a verrrry fun birthday celebration ;) hope your having an amazing time

michelle raMirez said...

what a blast to celebrate you birthday in Amsterdam!!