Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i just spent 15 minutes in the shower contemplating some stuff. i'm in a weird mood... i'll call it "unguessed." rhymes with "undressed." meaning: unhappy/guilty/stressed.

i decided to be a little reflective and think about the possible reasons i may be feeling this way:

1. haven't been eating healthy enough lately (my mom says this is very important for feeling well and i agree. bought like, a million healthy things at publix last night though.)

2. fafillion things on my To-Do list.

3. been having violent dreams every night recently and feeling really shitty about them throughout the day.

4. spending way too much money and not feeling guilty about it because i am working woman actually backfires and therefore causes me to feel guilt.

5. i feel ugly.

i then decided to look around and be a little more appreciative of Life Today.. here's what i came up with:

2. 5 pink lines crossing off to-do's. also, finding all my important documents today.

3. having a boyfriend who makes me laugh this hard, and also who will take me to see THIS MOVIE tonight even though he really, really doesn't want to see it.

4. the best bed ever, even if i don't spend as much time in it as i want to.

5. my mom is back from Italy and i could now chat with her as much as usual. YIPEEEE!!
if you ever feel unguessed, tag yourself with a list of your own 5 things :).


DBird said...

i heart you. the 'fafillion' killed me. bahahaha.

i'm filling sick right now. still! danggit. i should so take a pic of my to do list. bahahaha. it's a pity, actually.

amy = beautiful x fafillion-infinity. love.

Breanne Crawford said...

feel better hunny! and much love to you!

and when you get my happy mail, i promise you'll feel even more better!

*~*Amber*~* said...

u are so funny. i really do hope you get to feeling better... physically and mentally... girl... go get pampered!! love the pics... xoxo

Anonymous said...

-do post if reign over me was any good...looks good, good luck with feeling "better" per se (hehe) ;)

island girl said...

awww sweetie! sorry you were feeling so unguessed! I've definitely been there done that! Glad to see you got yourself out of it! You should totally make yourself a little mini with your 5 list!

shelly b said...

OOH. I hate when I get in one of those moods! Sucks..but it gets better! I'll just say that you rock as an artist and you always have that! Now go eat a salad and a smoothie get some good sleep and rock out some LO's!


Monica said...

dude, i totally
could've written
that list myself.

and um that pic of you
and your mom is sweet :)

flyingmichelle said...

hang in there.
love that you painted your nails to chipper up!